Friday, December 30, 2011

The tub has arrived!

The tub made it as far as Albany on Dec 23rd, but didn't move again until Wed the 28th. It arrived yesterday. It looks great. I am glad I went with the custom paint. I called the contractors and let them know it arrived and they will be back on Tuesday. The rest of the bathroom should be put together pretty quickly now.

While waiting for the tub I did get quite a bit done around the house, but for some reason (maybe because there is still so much to do) I don't feel like I have accomplished much. I did get just about everything sorted and organized and back into the newly expanded quilting closet. I need to run out to the hardware store and pick up some hooks for my quilting rulers and then I should be done with that project.

I also did a bunch of my annual organizing and culling (I love getting things organized!):
I un-decorated the house yesterday. The place looks a lot more open and empty.
I went through my clothes and pulled anything I haven't worn in the last year or so out of the dresser, so now there is plenty of room for the new stuff.
I went through my drawer in the built-in and cleaned that out.
I shredded receipts from this past year that I do not need.

The house still needs a top to bottom cleaning, but I will wait till the construction is done. I am guessing that it will only take to the end of next week. Yeah!

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Quiltsmiles said...

Sweet Tub! A nice well deserved soak and just think of the relaxation you'll be getting in this gem. Happy New Year!