Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blocks Done

I finally finished the Value Dance blocks. Here is a handful of them laid out. As this is the middle of the semester and I officially have my mid-semester cold getting much more done than the required minimum is not going to happen. Instead of quilting I figure I will switch to spending some time sitting next to the tissue box and perusing quilting magazines.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Starting on the Borders

The plan all along for the crumb block quilt was to have applique borders. I worked off and on for the past year tracing, fusing and cutting the various shapes. And then promptly tucked them all away into a project box. Because you need to lay everything out all at once I needed to make sure I had some uninterrupted time and space. So this weekend I divided out the applique pieces into four piles - one for each border piece. It makes sense to only work on one border at a time (less likely for pieces to fall off or get misplaced). After fusing the first border elements I started stitching them down. I will be using a variety of threads, but I am not going for matching each fabric color exactly.