Saturday, September 4, 2010

Crochet Season

A month or so ago I found this yarn at JoAnne Fabrics and fell in love with it. The picture doesn't really do the colors justice. It has these really nice bright vibrant blues, greens and pinks, and some other colors but the yarn overall doesn't come across as bright or garish.
I haven't crocheted anything in a couple of years but decided to make myself a scarf. The 3 packages of yarn I bought got me only about half-way to a scarf. Of course it didn't help that I ended up making it a bit wider then I was original thinking of. Rather than drive all the way to another JoAnne Fabrics - the closest one is about an hour away - I ordered three more packages online. They showed up yesterday so I should be able to finish my scarf in the next couple of weeks.
I do not crochet for long stretches of time, usually just when we are sitting down in the evening to watch TV. The timing of this project is pretty good, the heat wave of this past week has broke and we are looking a the start of cooler temperatures for the next week or so.