Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Another great Christmas!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

First day of my winter vacation.

First day of my winter vacation and things are looking up. We are finally getting some snow so it is actually starting to look like Christmas. All the presents are bought, wrapped and if needed shipped. I made the dough for the sugar cut-out cookies and will bake them tonight and decorate them tomorrow. I have 11 days, 3 magazines, 5 books and plenty of quilting to keep me at least a little busy.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A lovely Dec. day

 As we are coming up on Christmas I figured this would be a good time to sort through all the dog toys and get rid of a few of them. Ivan sensed something was up when I pulled them out and managed to find his way to the middle of the pile and camped out. I did manage to remove a few that had holes and stuffing coming out of them but don't feel to bad for Ivan, we still have a whole boxful for him to play with.
It is a lovely Dec. day - especially since I do not have to go out or do anything. It is lightly snowing. Not having snow on the ground, it just doesn't seem like X-mas around here. I just finished making the dumplings for Chicken Paprikas - I will make the chicken and sauce a bit later, closer to dinner time.

I did pull out one of my UFO quilting projects. I have a 15 inch feathered star block done and wanted to add to it and came up with the idea of using these paper-pieced blocks to frame it. These pictured here will be one corner - I still need to make 3 more sets. I figure with weekends, holidays and a few vacation days I will have 11 days off. Finishing the piecing on this quilt will be one of my goals. I still feel like I should have a whole list of things to get done over the break.  

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Table runners done!

 November was a crazy, busy month. Travel for work, the Thanksgiving holiday and I even squeezed in a weekend quilt retreat. I did manage this weekend to finish the two table runners for my sister. I have her an IOU for these table runners back in June. I am thrilled that these are done and I won't be carrying them over on my list of things to get done for the next year.

The blocks in both these table runners are from the Judy Hopkins Around the Block series of books.

I did go through my projects and update my UFO and WIPs list of quilt projects and I am happy to say that the number is down from last year. I have 2 WIPs I am currently working on and 5 UFOs. One of the UFOs is a fully completed quilt top, but I have not decided what sort of quilting I want for it. The other 4 still need some assembly and design and decision making.