Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Blizzard - March 2017!

For a change the weather people were not exaggerating!  As you can see it is about as deep as my hip, so more then 2 feet, maybe close to 3 feet. And technically we are still getting some light snow coming down at the moment.
Damon and I were up around 5am to start shoveling out and snow-blow the drive. We had a big assist from our neighbor Terry who was also already out by 5am and he came over with his bigger snowblower to help us out.
Heading back out now to shovel out the critter feeding areas - hope all the birds and squirrels are doing OK out there!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Classes and Shopping at King Arthur Flour (VT)

For Christmas I asked for Damon and I to go to King Arthur Flour in Vermont and take classes at their baking school. So on Jan. 4th and 5th we went and took a couple of classes. The first day was Cinnamon rolls and Sticky buns using two different dough making techniques. The first to photos here are Damon and I next to our class creations.
The second day was Croissants. The teaching method was unique and maximized the 4-hour class to let you participate in all the steps in what is typically a 2 or 3 day process. The result is that when you leave the class you have finished pastries (mine are in picture #3 - the square one has chocolate!) as well as to have two sections of dough to take home with you - one at the beginning of the process and one that you have already done the folding to.

As we also got gift cards for King Arthur Flour we did get to do some shopping. We waited till after our first class to get some ideas on what we might want. We did get quite a bit. Damon got a bread box so we will have a place to store bread when he makes it. We also got yeast and a container to store it, a new mixing bowl, a French rolling pin (got to practice in class with these), some measuring equipment, some flavoring, and some decorative sugar sprinkles. We were also given a couple of bags of the new KAF sprouted wheat flour.

You get to take a lot of baked goods home after taking classes so here is our pile of our results along with our class folders. Of course not including the Croissant doughs that went straight into the freezer