Saturday, October 15, 2011

My first Quilting Ribbon!

I was awarded my first quilting award this week. The ribbon is a second place viewers choice for my Mystery quilt (previous posts have info on that quilt). My local guild had their quilt show last weekend. We don't have official quilt judges, just guest community member judges and we also do viewers choice for all the categories in the show. What is really cool about this ribbon is that it is a paper-pieced quilted ribbon. It looks really impressive.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Hike

Since we didn't get the chance to hike any mountains this summer I was thrilled to take the opportunity to take dad on his first Adirondack mountain hike last weekend when the folks were up for a visit.
We had beautiful weather, daytime temps in the mid-70s, and mostly sunny. Of course we hiked in the morning when it was a bit cooler. We went to our 'local' small peak - Silver Lake mountain. As you can see in the photos we are in the middle of peak leaf color. The trail was only muddy in a couple of spots but all the leaves and pine needles made it a bit slippery.
We were the only ones on the summit but a couple of other groups were coming up the trail as we were heading back down.