Sunday, September 29, 2013

A busy Aug. and Sept.

 Along with teaching online this summer and the start of the fall semester at the end of August I have been busy with home and quilting projects.

The quilt here is the baby quilt for Barbie and Aaron's baby, due at the end of Nov. The shower is next weekend, and you know how I am about meeting deadlines! So this was shipped out this past week. You can't really tell from this photo but all the fabrics on the top of the quilt has dots, spots or circles on them.

On the home front Damon and I decided we needed a shed to hold the summer stuff so we can get all three cars in the garage over the winter. So I bought the kit over the summer and on Friday we got the flooring on and built the sides. After he got home from work on Sat. we put on the roof. Today (final day if all goes well) the doors get attached.

The Columbus Day weekend it the Guild quilt show. Both quilts I  have in the show are done and the last sleeve was attached yesterday. So I am all set for the show.

Damon bough a new aquarium so we are moving things around to get it set up. I moved the bookcase across the room yesterday. Nothing like an excuse to take every single book off the shelves and dust! The process to move the fish over to the new aquarium will take a while - moving water, rocks, plants and then the fish.