Saturday, June 7, 2008

WIPs and UFOs 2008

For you non-quilters out there WIPs are 'Works in Progress' and UFOs are 'UnFinished Objects'. Every year in the fall my quilting guild encourages folks to select a WIP/UFO or two and then requires folks to bring the finished quilt in at one of the spring meetings. The photo above is my WIP for the year. Last fall all I had done was the four center blocks. The quilt is a 'Hawaiian applique' the shapes are created using the same method that you used to make snowflakes as kids - folding and cutting. Its difficult to tell from the picture but it is a pretty large piece - about 47 inches tall and wide. The red and white make it look a bit Christmasy to me.
Along the holiday lines I also finished a small Christmas themed wall-hanging. I bought it as a kit at the Vermont Quilt Festival a couple of years ago. I started it at a quilting retreat this spring and finished it last month. It was a quick and easy project.
Damon and I are looking forward to coming home for a visit, I just hope we are well enough to enjoy it. Damon came down with a sore throat about 3 days ago and it has developed into a full-blown cold. I started with a sore throat last night.