Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lots of white stuff, just not snow

The shower is just about done. All the tile is in and grouted the shower head is up and if you turned the knob water would come out, but as we don't have the glass yet we won't be doing that. The glass guys came out on Tuesday and took the measurements. As it is a slow time of the year for them they figure it should only take a week or so to get the glass.

On the reverse side of things the tub which was supposed to ship on the 20th did not do so. I called again and the message yesterday is that it was getting painted and should ship today.

In the meantime the contractor finished the closet in the other room. I looks real nice, so nice in fact that I realized, since everything is already out of it, I need to paint the rest of the inside of the closet. That will be a project for next week. I think I have some white paint down in the basement I can use.

And speaking of white. The odds of a white Christmas is iffy. Usually we are white around here by Thanksgiving. At the moment the 'white' we have now is fog and lots of it.

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