Monday, December 5, 2011

Bathroom Renovation will now be effecting Quilting space

Other then using the quilting room as a staging area for all the stuff for the bathroom I didn't figure the renovation would effect my quilting room. But that changed today. The contractors were showing me how the layout will work (now that the plumbing is in) and my concerns about how small the shower was actually going to be turned out to be true. We were discussing options when one of them suggested walling up the closet space and rearranging some things. The result is that we get a substantially bigger shower space (yeah!) but we will lose the bathroom closet. They will compensate slightly by building a small set of built-in shelving to give some storage space to the bathroom.

As this closet abuts up to the sewing room closet (and there is no way I will let them close off access completely to possible storage space) they will break through the closet wall in the quilting room so I can access and use the space in my quilting closet. After they are done working today I have to go in and clear out everything in the closet (eek gads!).

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