Saturday, April 13, 2013

Busy, but still getting stuff done

 Haven't been blogging much as I worked the last two weekends and didn't take any time off during the week to compensate. I am proud to say that I did manage to maximize my time by combining two projects.
When I got grandma's baking board a few years ago a side piece was missing and as it had been sitting the basement it wasn't in great shape. When my latest quilt needed border fabric (nothing I currently had worked with it) I went up to Fibre Junction my friend Carole's quilt shop. Carole's husband does woodworking so when I went up to the quilt shop I dropped off the board for him to repair and clean up. I found the border fabric I wanted and a week later I went and picked up the board.
It always feels good to cross off another project off the list.

A note on the weather. Yes it is April, no it is not Spring. Heck, we haven't even started Mud Season yet - everything is still frozen and covered in snow/ice.