Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another Quilt Top Done!

Met up with Gina and Jane and had a day of quilting at the Firehouse on Saturday. I was able to finish the applique on the 'Home' quilt. Today I found backing fabric in my stash of fabrics - thus no need to buy any new fabric and use up some of what I have already. I also had a roll of batting that was just the right size, so I spray-basted the backing, batting and top. I likely will not get the chance to set up the sewing room for machine quilting for a few weeks, but when I do this is ready to go. I will likely do some echo quilting around the applique shapes, except for the mountain scene, where I figure I will quilt in some clouds.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Fabric Project - but not a quilt for a change

First is the before picture. The dinning room chairs in their slightly stained off-white upholstery. I made plans to re-do the chairs about six months ago. I took a lovely summer drive over to Vermont using the bridge to go get fabric. I picked up all the new padding and batting and even remembered to buy staples for the staple gun.

The Second picture is 'during'. OMG. There is no conceivable reason to have this many staples to hold fabric onto a chair! Most of the time on this project was spent ripping out staples and removing the fabric.

And Finally - the newly reupholstered chair! Beautiful isn't? I like the pattern and colors, and hopefully it will be less likely to show stains and dog hair. It looks good in the dinning room with the green walls and gold tablecloth.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Work in Progress

I am still trying to work through my not yet finished quilting projects. I drafted some applique flowers for what I am calling my 'Reproduction Home Quilt.' The main part of the quilt is made up of squares of reproduction fabrics with random sized muslin pieces stuck in for applique elements. The applique represents things that bring my house/home to mind. So far the appliques include a paw print (representing the dogs), snowflakes, a fall colored maple leaf, a lady bug, and these red impatien flowers (I always have red impatiens in my flower boxes in the summer.) The final block left will be a scene of the mountains across the valley from us. Once the mountains are done the quilt top will be done.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Working Though the Partially Done Projects

Not sure why it took me so long, but I have finally got around to piecing the strips of 4-Patch Posie blocks together. I had all the blocks put together and in columns at the last quilt retreat in November, but they have been packed up since then. I originally was going to put all the blocks on point, but it left too much blue background space, so I alternated on-point and straight-on blocks.
I was putzing around in the quilting room today and feeling restless when I found the strips and figured at least I could get this done. I am thinking of adding a border of dark blue and calling it done.
Usually when the semester starts I do not have much time for much quilting or blogging. But we are have a day of quilting scheduled at the firehouse on Feb 26th and I have a retreat in March so maybe I won't lose quilting momentum.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Well, the storm came and went. We got just over a foot of snow (As you can see from the snow on the gazebo). It was all light fluffy snow. We did not get any ice or freezing rain. We also missed out on the strong winds. So basically, we had about 24 hours of snow. On Wednesday I went out at noon and again at 6pm to clear the driveway and the path to the front and back door.

I was able to work from home so I did not have to be out on the roads. Since I was working I did not get any sewing done on Wed. Gina came over on Tuesday evening and I worked on the corner blocks for my Crumb quilt.