Monday, February 23, 2009

One Stitch at a Time

I didn't figure I would get any quilting projects done this weekend, but I got into a groove and finished this 'One-Block Wonder' quilt that I started last year. It was pieced and the center and outside border had been sent out for machine quilting, but I wanted to do some decorative quilting in the orange border. So I did some free-hand machine quilting and put on the binding.

I am still working on my Brown Bag Challenge quilt which is due in April and my guild WIP (Work in Progress) quilt due in June. I also signed up for the Spring Stashbusters quilted postcard swap. I am trying to keep the number of projects with deadlines to a manageable size and timeline. The last thing I want from a hobby is more stress.

I am looking forward to our regular Spring quilting retreat in March. And I hope I will have made some real progress by then on these projects.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Enjoying the Little Things

I am in the middle of working steadily on a few larger quilt projects, but all of them will take a while to get finished. The urge to get something DONE took over and voila! Last weekend I went with the girls up to the Dreamcrafter quilt shop's annual sale and found this cute little (tiny really) pattern for a small fabric wallet.

I used fabric from my scrap box and it took no time at all to make. Although I had to read and re-read the last step in the directions a few times before I sewed it all together.