Saturday, April 25, 2009

Catching Up

Hi All,
Its been a busy few weeks. I am finally moved back into my office. The ceiling and lights were replaced after the flood, and the movers brought back my file cabinets and desk. I also have a new computer, printer and phone, so for the past week I have been trying to get caught up with work.

Last Saturday I road-tripped to the Machine Quilters Expo (MQX) in Manchester, NH. A very pleasant trip. Took lots of photos for inspiration. I picked up a free-motion quilting foot for my sewing machine, a couple of books, three spools of thread and just a few small pieces of fabric. (See photo above).

I took this Friday off and tried to get to a few things that I just never seem to have time to do. One of them is to figure out Grandma Toth's sewing machine. I wound some bobbins with some new thread and figured out how to thread the machine. It seems to be stitching fine.
Damon (also had the day off) and I ran to Lowe's for supplies and spent several hours in the garden. Damon is putting in supports for the Hop beds we put in this spring and I was adding compost to our regular raised beds. What we ended up with is a bumper crop of new rocks.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Flood Saga

Here are some photos of my flood experience this week. As you can see from this first photo just about everything on my bookshelves on the back wall of my office got drenched.

As you can see soggy misery loves company. Here are my colleagues Karen, Gordon and Anne, all off us to some degree were affected by water in our offices. This is day one (April first) of the clean up.

I spent a lot of my time sorting through all my wet paperwork and tried to write down all the titles of stuff I will need to get new copies of.

As you can see here, the LIS (Division of Library and Information Services) Disaster Recovery Plan did not survive and will not recover - it too went to the dumpster with all the other soaking wet stuff.
On Friday morning I came in with a bleach solution and wiped everything down and anticipated that I would shortly be putting my office back together. Around 11am our building supervisor notified me that M&O had decided to rip out my ceiling and put in a new one. This meant I had to get everything out of my office by the end of the day. The ceiling replacement process will take 1 - 2 weeks. I am temporarily taking refuge in a library carrel and still need to see about getting my computer data and a phone. I think I will be working at home a bit more in the next few days.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Fooling - My Office Flooded!!!

Got a bit of a shock today when I got to work - several offices on the 3rd floor of the library had been flooded overnight and my office was one of the worst hit by all the water. Apparently a water pipe from the heating system broke. Water came from the ceiling and 3 of the walls in my office. Almost all the stuff I had on the bookcases on the back wall took on water. I threw a way about 6 large garbage bags of wet files, papers, binders, etc... and there is still more to do tomorrow.
I currently do not have a computer (they said they were able to salvage the data, but I will need a new machine) I also do not have a phone at the moment.
I took some photos and will see about posting them tomorrow.