Sunday, May 25, 2014

Got my Narrative Clip

I came across the Narrative clip/camera online about a year or two ago (originally it was called Memoto). I ordered one in April and it arrived this weekend. Think of it sort of like a trail camera for humans. It is small - less than 2 inches by 2inches, and it has a clip so it can be worn. The  camera takes a picture every 30 seconds. You can also double tap it for an immediate photo. You can set it down and it will document what it happening in front of it. These shots are from my sewing room yesterday. I  had it set on the bookcase while I was sewing on the binding of a quilt. Then I moved it into the corner when I switched to ironing the binding. I also have documentation on my mowing the yard yesterday. The photos range and its brightness and clarity are not always great but given that it is taking so many - odds are high at least a few of the shots are good. At the end of the day you plug the USB into your computer and it re-charges and downloads the photos.
This would be great for get togethers and parties. Place it somewhere and it will take the pictures of the event. How many times do we get caught up and forget to take pictures?

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Springing ahead with spring

Even though spring is still reluctantly making an appearance, the gardening is moving forward. Some of the tomato seedlings were doing well enough to transplant them into individual pots. I also have a egg carton that has sunflower seedlings that are also doing well. Of course now I am running out of sunny windows to keep all of these plants. It won't be safe to put out the plants for a couple more weeks, especially since we are staying below the average temperatures.

I did risk it and plant the flower boxes on Friday. Since these are right next to the house and there is an overhang from the roof they should be safe unless we get a really hard freeze. I was able to get impatiens this year. Last year they were not available.

On the quilting front I did get a couple quilt tops done in April and sent them off to the long-arm quilter. The photo here is some of the "Ugly Brown Quilt" blocks (which actually turned out really cool) before they were pieced together.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Roses, One day I hope

Easy Does It Rose
The roses I ordered arrived this week. The weather is still cool and cloudy and generally depressing, but better to plant them as soon as possible then to let them sit in their shipping box.
I had already prepped the former oregano bed. But I hadn't had time to prep any others. I figured three of the roses would fit in the prepped bed. I ended up hastily tilling the bed to the west of the greenhouse. I did check a number of rose growing websites and many suggested including coffee grounds and banana peals. Conveniently we had both this morning. 
Easy Going Rose
The forecast was for increasing chance of rain during the day so I was determined to get an early start. Unfortunately so was the rain. It wasn't really rain - more like a heavy mist the whole time. 
The roses pictured here are what the roses should look like if they grow and thrive. I have them listed in the order planted from West to east.

Hot Cocoa Rose

Julia Child Rose

Livin Easy Rose