Saturday, October 12, 2013

An exciting weekend so far...

This weekend is the Champlain Valley Quilters' Guild of New York's quilt show. I worked set up on Friday and was at the field house from about 12noon to 6pm with lots of other guild members and a number of helpful husbands moving racks, setting up racks, and hanging quilts on racks.

Pictured are the two quilts I have in the show. While I got to see a number of the quilts in the show (especially the row I was assigned) I was really impressed with the quilts. We always have great shows, but I think this one really has some exceptional quilts. 

I am working as a 'white glove' person during the show on Sunday. So I will be going in early to see the show and check out the vendors. Then hang around in town after the show to wait for quilt pick up later on Sun.

While everything went pretty smoothly with the quilt show yesterday. Today (Saturday) got off to a very rough start. Damon got up early to go to work, let the dog out, and Ivan got skunked! So I was up at 5am (I am guessing, I didn't even get a chance to look at the clock) and spent the next hour or so with Damon washing the dog several times out in the driveway.  Thankfully it wasn't too cold (unusual for this time on Oct.). We did bring out some buckets of warm water from the house to rinse the dog (we are such good dog owners). So Ivan is on the back porch still damp and slightly less smelly. Damon went to work with the idea of coming back early with some more deodorizing products. And the clothes we wore to wash the dog are in the washing machine. The rugs that were on the back porch are in the garbage. I Anticipate being out washing dog for a portion of the afternoon as well today. And of course Frebrezing all around the house.