Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm Back

It is the day before Easter, so I am doing what all good Polish families do – I am sitting in the kitchen and watching kielbasa boil. Mind you, this is not chain grocery store kielbasa (its crap and nothing like real kielbasa). We have ours imported from Stanley’s in Toledo, Ohio - the folks usually drop it off when they come to visit in the fall. We freeze and usually pull it out for New Years and Easter. Freezing is OK, but you do miss out on the smell of fresh kielbasa stinking up the fridge and overwhelming you when you open the fridge door.

The lull in the blog posts I will blame on work. Pretty much weeks 3-10 of the semester are the most hectic. Long days, and grading on the weekends leaves me burnt out and with no time for blogging. I usually try to fight this, but as I have been sick since Feb 19th (cold, then sinus infection) I decided to take it easy. The end of my course (still grading final projects but the end is in sight) and the ridiculously fabulous weather has brought back some of my energy.

I have been quilting a bit. I am participating in the quilt guild’s Brown Bag Challenge again this year. If you saw my posts last year about this you will recall I went overboard with my project. It is still my favorite quilting creation, but this year I know I needed to keep it smaller. This year I used an appliqué pattern from Piece O’ Cake designs to make this wall hanging. I am still in the process of finishing the machine quilting – I am doing free-motion on my domestic machine. Barring any catastrophe it will be done on time for the April 14th meeting.

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