Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why Home Brewers Need 2nd Bathrooms

We are in the throws of brew-making. And be 'we' I mean Damon. Instead of featuring my quilting or gardening I figured I would focus on Damon's projects. He made a batch in March while I was at my quilt retreat. And he made a batch last Wednesday when I had a late meeting. The brewing process is a bit smelly, especially when the hops goes in. So he kindly does this while I am out of the house.
The first thing you are looking at is a bottle tree. It is what is used to dry bottles that have been washed. Having any sort of dirt or debris in the bottle will ruin your beer. It actually looks sort of decorative.

The second picture is a shot of all the beer sitting in their carboys in the downstairs bathroom shower. The one on the right is the secondary, so this is the beer from March. The bottles in the bottle tree are for this batch of beer. The back, left carboy is the new batch, the hose from the top going into the bucket is letting out the gas being generated by the fermentation.

You definitely want someplace like a shower stall or bathtub for this stage of the process because it can make a bit of a mess. It also isn't a bad idea to store the bottled beer in the shower either.

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MaryLu said...

My friend makes his own wine and I love the look of his bottle tree. I wonder if that could be translated into an artistic applique!
(Always thinking about quilting, MaryLu)