Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Quilt Decision Making Process

Getting ready to put together another quilt top. I have made several 12 1/2 inch blocks, but there is a ridiculous number of options for putting them together. So this morning I set up the portable design wall and laid out some options. For your viewing pleasure here are the top candidates and my thoughts on them.

Option #1 is a center square made of 4 blocks with blocks radiating out from the center. This would be a 6' X 6' quilt with just the blocks. To make a 6' X 6' I would need to make 6 more blocks. I couldn't lay it out as a 5' X 6' because it would be lop-sided. But I do like the way it features the corner colors in each block. I could add bottom and top borders to make it a bit longer than wide - which would be better for fitting a twin-sized bed.

Option #2 is off-set squares. I initially liked the look, but to make the top I would have to add either solid 6 1/2 inch strips or more pieced strip to fill in the gaps at the top and bottom. For this layout I would need to make 1 more block. As with Option #1 it doesn't really look right laid out 5 X 6.

Option #3 was suggested by my friend Becky at the Wadhams quilting retreat where I started making these blocks. This would be a 5 X 6 layout and I would likely add borders. I have lined up the corner blocks so they make diagonal rows. For this layout I would need to make 3 more blocks. This layout has visual impact for its zig-zag pattern across the quilt.

Option #4 is to put the blocks on point. This layout would take the most additional work because I would have to cut and sew all the side triangles. If I really loved the look of it on point it would be worth doing, but I don't think this layout is the best to feature the blocks anyway.

Option #5 is the most straight forward - just lining up the squares with the corner squares in all the same corner. I would only need to make 1 more block for this layout. I would also likely put a border on it. Using the block in the order laid out also gives it a secondary pattern with the corner colors lining up.
I plan on taking a break and then coming back to look at these variations and deciding on one later today. Right now I am thinking that Options 3 and 5 are the front runners because of their visual impact the small amount of work it will take to finish them.

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