Saturday, June 16, 2012

Road Trip!

 The quilt I dropped off this spring to be custom quilted was done and needed to be picked up down in Glens Falls, NY. I had planned on going down today as they have Saturday hours. It turned out that Damon also had the day off - this is super rare. We almost never have days off together unless one of us is sick or on vacation. So Damon agreed to come with me to Glens Falls - likely because I told him we could have lunch in town at the Davidson Brothers Brewery. So we went and got the quilt - it looks fabulous, I will post a picture once I get the binding on.

We went downtown and had a great lunch sitting outside. The quilter had mentioned that the LARAC art/craft fair was going on. We were not aware of the event (if I had been we would have brought more money!) We did each pick up a few things. Pictured first is a small water garden from Vermont Nature Creations, now hanging in one of the kitchen windows. They even give you the plants! We also picked up (2nd picture) a metal wine rack from Moose's Metal Marvels. The picture doesn't do it justice. The picture was taken while it was sitting on the floor, when it is meant to be hanging on the wall - we just need time to get to doing that.

Damon also picked up a couple special varieties of a local peanut/almond butter and I bought some postcards from an artist and a Christmas gift for someone. I was a really warm beautiful day out. It was great to walk around and look at all the arts and crafts after lunch and they even had a band playing in the central gazebo during the event. Before we left Damon picked up some growlers of beer to take home.  

A really great road trip!

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