Wednesday, June 6, 2012


 In NYC for the SUNY Librarian Association conference. Attended the SUNYLA council meeting this morning. As the pre-conference I signed up for was cancelled I had the afternoon free. So of course I had to stop by the City Quilter (it is only two blocks from where I am staying at FIT). I was surprised and delighted to find Maria was there! Maria was in our quilt guild in Plattsburgh, but moved to the city a couple of years ago and is in a mortuary school program. She has a internship in the fall, but for the time being she is working at the shop and teaching a few classes there.

I also ran up to 38th street to rummage through all the ribbon, button and notion shops. One of the best is M & J Trimming on 6th Ave and 38th st. I was able to replace the hand dyed silk ribbons I had bought in Paducah that got lost in the post.

Off to the evening social for the conference  in a few minutes and then heading up to see a production of Harvey at Studio 54 tonight.

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