Thursday, November 24, 2011

Report for Construction Day 2

Well the first day of demolition was slowed down by the first snowfall of the season. This is really late for us, we usually get snow in Oct. But this one was a good one. We got about a foot of snow. So snow removal became the priority. Not to mention that along with clearing the driveway I also had to go into the dumpster and shovel out all the snow in there (we pay by weight so a foot of heavy wet snow is not ideal).

Once the snow was dealt with I did make a little progress in the bathroom. I am starting on the inside walls and the shower area. I figured that there would be a layer of lath and/or drywall and then the paneling. But no, what I ended up with was lath, drywall (aka sheetrock) one layer of fake wood paneling and the top beige flowered paneling. All of this wouldn't be to bad, except for the fact that the preferred method of construction appears to have been some sort of supper strength construction glue. So instead of taking out nails and screws and taking off sheets of paneling and drywall, I am trying to pry glue apart and getting lots of smaller pieces. As these photos show I did get to the lath level on the wall with the closet, and most of the old shower area.

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