Friday, November 25, 2011

Renovation - Day 4

So far, so good. Still making progress on the demolition and (knocking on wood) no injuries or unexpected complications thus far. Delighted to find that the electrical wiring looks up to date. Previous lighting adventures have uncovered some really old wiring (think cloth) in other areas of the house.

I started removing the lath layer on a couple of the walls. Thrilled to find - nothing. I had been worrying about finding nests of insects, or dead animals carcasses or other icky things, but other than plenty of plaster dust the inner walls are nice and clean. Of course these are the inside walls. Tomorrow I will start with the outside walls which are more likely to have that sort of thing.

After Damon got home we took out the sink and toilet, so now I can finish removing the paneling and drywall layers. The sink and toilet came out fairly easily. Only one bolt on the toilet put up a fight but Damon broke out the Dremel Tool and took care of that.

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