Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Summer Report

 The summer is just zipping by. Its been a pretty good summer weather-wise. This is likely the earliest (mid-July) that I have had ripe cherry tomatoes. They are ripening a few, every few days. The deer did eat the sunflower, as per usual, but I left the stalk and kept watering it and it now has a few small buds and leaves again.

The flower boxes are doing pretty well too. In the spring I planted a new shrub, a Clethra Ruby Spice. It is doing well and growing steadily, but isn't flowering yet, so I will wait to take a photo once it blooms.

My birthday was in July and Damon got me Roses and chocolates. The roses are pictured below. The lasted for almost 2 weeks fresh. I am now drying them.

Damon has been busy, during his July vacation he made pork jerky, bottle some home brewed beer and made cheese.

I have been hiking with a friend this summer. We did Silver Lake Mountain and then Poke-a-Moonshine. There is a photo of me near the top of Poke-a-Moonshine. We hare hoping to get at least one more mountain in before the fall semester starts.

Wildlife is plentiful in the yard. We were visited by a baby groundhog for a few weeks and then in the last week of July this turtle wandered through the yard. It strolled between the fence and the gazebo, and then hung a left and headed for the brook. It is the first time I have seen a turtle in the yard, let alone on of this size.

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