Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Winter Report

I really got out of the habit of posting here on the blog. So here is another summary post covering several months. While temperature-wise the winter was mild, it did mean we had a lot of melting and re-freezing so what you see here is the ice rink that was the side yard for all of Feb. The ice was so smooth that even with yak-traks, it was difficult not to slip and slide while out feeding the squirrels and birds. 

In the fall I did attend the Wadhams quilt retreat and got the top of this quilt done for Damon's new niece who was due in Feb. I was able to drop it off in Toledo when I visited in January. This uses some of the fabric that was hand-died with friends on the shore of Lake Champlain. 

I have also been finishing up some community service UFOs. First is the fish quilt, this is made from the left over fabric from a quilt I made for someone else.

The tulip quilt was originally meant to be a table cloth for our round table, but once we got grandma's dinning room set, we don't really use the round table, so it was re-fashioned into a quilt. 

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