Sunday, November 10, 2013

Taking a moment to chop off some hair.

 Its been crazy busy, worked 12 days straight and that included a conference presentation out of town, grading finals, orientation for a new hire and exams. In the midst of all this I had scheduled my annual late-fall/early-winter haircut. Just in time as we got over an inch of snow this weekend and the furnace is starting to dry the air in the house. Shorter hair is so much easier in the winter - with hat-head and static electricity plus it is much quicker to dry it in the morning. 

I have also been busy with working on Tim's mom's quilts. Did a lot of piecing a few weeks ago. So today I set up the sewing room for machine quilting. Started the first quilt today. It will likely take a while to get them all done. I am hoping to get most of them done before X-mas.

Also need to get all my X-mas shopping done in the next two weeks!

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