Friday, January 18, 2013

How to spend a winter day.

As we are fast approaching the start of the semester and I will have to work next Sunday I decided to take today off. It was a good day to stay in as it was -2 degrees Fahrenheit this morning.

So the first thing to do on a day off in the winter is start a new book. Pictured is what I started reading this morning - I found it on a list of the best selling books from the UK version of Amazon. Only a couple of chapters in but so far I am really enjoying it.

Another thing to do on a winters day is make winter comfort food that also helps to warm up the house. So I made Chicken Supreme and mashed potatoes. The oven helped warm the house and the boiling of the potatoes helped humidify the house. (I multi-tasked by reading while watching the potatoes so they did not boil over).

On the quilting front, I picked up a few free quilting magazines that were being given away at this week's quilt guild meeting and spent some time today sitting in my sewing room looking through them. After being inspired by the magazines I started going through my patterns and fabrics and started planning my next quilt (likely a Bento Box with a bunch of vibrant multi-color fat quarters and maybe some black fabrics for contrast).

Posting on the blog is also a good use of time on a day off in winter!
OK, back to puttering around the house.

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