Sunday, January 27, 2013

First new quilt project of 2013

When Gina and I started quilting together we would select a pattern and then both make it using our own fabric and setting choices. We haven't done this in a great while. There always seems to be so many other projects we are each working on. So to start this year we decided to go back and pick one pattern to work on. We selected the Value Dance Quilt from the Stitched in Color blog

I don't normally do this, but for the new quilt project I have pre-cut all the pieces to make the blocks. I will say it takes up a lot less space once everything is cut. The scraps (the bottom two piles of fabric in the picture) are also more manageable. I will not throw them into the scrap box until I am sure I won't need them for some other aspect (maybe a border) for this project. 

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