Sunday, May 20, 2012

Post Office Drama

Well all the excitement of getting my box from the AQS show was diminished greatly by the fact that the box got damaged and several things are missing. What really is a bit upsetting, even though the box was obviously damaged and had opened up, the post office staff who gave me the box didn't even say anything about checking what was inside. I had to insist - and then they did not provide any space to sort through the stuff. Interestingly along with several of my things missing, there were a few things that clearly were not mine in my box. Thankfully I had insured the box, taken pictures of everything I shipped and had all the receipts. So I filled out the insurance claim form and hopefully I will get some reimbursement for the lost items. In the meantime I have started contacting the vendors to get replacements.
Next time I am following my initial instincts and shipping only with UPS or Fed Ex.
Not happy at all with USPS and how they handled this so far. I still have to wait to hear about my claim.

Most of what I lost were the small things like small fabric bundles (charm squares), patterns, stencils and most of the fabric inks from a kit I bought. It appears that just about all the yardage I bought got to me. So I have started with washing it all. Some fabrics really needed it because along with the damage there was some blue staining (not sure from what) but thankfully is seems to be washing out.

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