Monday, November 29, 2010

Catching Up

I have been without my laptop for about 2 weeks. It needed a new hard drive. The tech folks were able to save all my data, programs and favorites lists but I am behind on posting.
A lot has actually been going on so this is post #1 in the catching up.
I went to the craft fair at the college field house a couple of weeks ago and 'Adopted an Alien'
check out her blog or her Etsy shop. I have not come up with a name yet for the twins but if you have any ideas leave a comment.
Also at the craft fair I picked up a few snowflake ornaments. They are made of wood, using a scroll saw and then painted. They look great on the tree.
The white
against the dark green tree really stands out.

I also picked up a pair of mittens. They are wool on the outside and are fleece-lined on the inside.
After hitting the craft fair I had a hand quilting class. Not sure I will be hand quilting a lot but I like the idea of trying a few small projects.

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