Saturday, May 3, 2014

Roses, One day I hope

Easy Does It Rose
The roses I ordered arrived this week. The weather is still cool and cloudy and generally depressing, but better to plant them as soon as possible then to let them sit in their shipping box.
I had already prepped the former oregano bed. But I hadn't had time to prep any others. I figured three of the roses would fit in the prepped bed. I ended up hastily tilling the bed to the west of the greenhouse. I did check a number of rose growing websites and many suggested including coffee grounds and banana peals. Conveniently we had both this morning. 
Easy Going Rose
The forecast was for increasing chance of rain during the day so I was determined to get an early start. Unfortunately so was the rain. It wasn't really rain - more like a heavy mist the whole time. 
The roses pictured here are what the roses should look like if they grow and thrive. I have them listed in the order planted from West to east.

Hot Cocoa Rose

Julia Child Rose

Livin Easy Rose

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