Sunday, April 20, 2014

Oregano Wars

No it is not a new food competition. It is, however, a battle being waged in my garden. I am hoping that striking early will put me at an advantage. For the last couple of years the Italian Oregano I have had in this raised bed has done very well. So last year I tried to cut it back a bit and transplant my chives into the bed. Apparently loosening the soil triggered something in the oregano, cause it spread like a weed last year (it could also have been the rain, we got a lot last summer). As I have ordered some roses bushes and I have a slew of tomatoes I am starting from seed I really need to use all the raised bed space this year.
It was about 60 degrees out today and sunny so I went 3 rounds of ripping, yanking, and digging out all the roots I can find. As you can see I only got about half way so far. I did get one other bed weeded, that was a piece of cake compared to this one. A few more rounds and I should have it cleared (you can only lean over a raised bed for so long - getting up and stretching is needed every 30 minutes or so). Once I have it cleared I will likely still have to monitor it this summer to make sure any stray roots don't start up again.

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