Sunday, December 16, 2012

A lovely Dec. day

 As we are coming up on Christmas I figured this would be a good time to sort through all the dog toys and get rid of a few of them. Ivan sensed something was up when I pulled them out and managed to find his way to the middle of the pile and camped out. I did manage to remove a few that had holes and stuffing coming out of them but don't feel to bad for Ivan, we still have a whole boxful for him to play with.
It is a lovely Dec. day - especially since I do not have to go out or do anything. It is lightly snowing. Not having snow on the ground, it just doesn't seem like X-mas around here. I just finished making the dumplings for Chicken Paprikas - I will make the chicken and sauce a bit later, closer to dinner time.

I did pull out one of my UFO quilting projects. I have a 15 inch feathered star block done and wanted to add to it and came up with the idea of using these paper-pieced blocks to frame it. These pictured here will be one corner - I still need to make 3 more sets. I figure with weekends, holidays and a few vacation days I will have 11 days off. Finishing the piecing on this quilt will be one of my goals. I still feel like I should have a whole list of things to get done over the break.  

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