Friday, January 13, 2012

The last blog post about the Bathroom!

OK, its officially a bathroom. Here are the final pictures. The shower is white 3 x 6 subway tiles with black trim tiles. The shower floor is 1 inch black and white hex tiles. The wall sconces have LED lights. The floor is vinyl. The tub was custom painted. We lost the bathroom closet but did get some built in shelves. We also got a new window, space heater and exhaust vent. We got some new towels and rugs for Christmas, but the space is big enough that I will need to get a longer runner-type rug for in front of the tub. I also need to pick up tp and towel racks. I would also like to get some hooks for the back of the door, a new door knob, and a shelf to hold a few things.

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Carole said...

Lovely bathroom Michelle! I love those types of tubs! Can I come over and take a bath?! I'll bring my own candles and champagne! ;o) Thanks for sharing.