Saturday, April 2, 2011

Folk Art

Last week I was in such a hurry to share the photos and info on the quilt exhibit that I didn't have time to talk about my other activities in NYC last weekend. First up is my purchase of this folk art print (complete with frame) from the American Folk Art Museum. We went to the museum to meet a friend and look at their other quilt exhibit, but I wanted to hit the gift shop because over a year ago I saw the prints by Susan Daul and really liked them. I regretted not getting one then so I was thrilled to find they had a couple left. This one is now hanging in my kitchen.

While in NYC we also hit the City Quilter quilt shop, they have doubled in size since I was last there. I love this shop, it has wonderful bright fabrics and NYC speciality fabrics. Then we had lunch at Jack Dempsey's Pub, right across the street from the Empire state building on 33rd.

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