Saturday, January 23, 2010

From Mess to Disaster and Back Again

I usually like to include a picture with my blog posts, but as you can see from this week's title it wouldn't be a pretty picture. Officially I am "organizing" things, but the process of organizing involves first taking everything out and apart and only putting back what really should be there. I have been organizing since the week of Christmas and have completed the pantry, the built-in in the dining room and the upstairs storage closet. I Freecycled a few things but still need to do a few more.

The real disaster is the office/sewing room. I have been using it as the temporary storage place for everything that got displaced from all the other organizing projects. On top of that Damon bought me some new storage cubes/shelves for the sewing room and I finally got around to putting them together today. But of course I needed to figure out where to put them. So the room is in shambles, file cabinets have been moved. All the stuff stuffed in the corners need new places to be. For about half the day the upstairs hallway was impassable with chairs and boxes to make room for all the re-arranging in the room.

Things are still a mess. But as of right now the mess is back to being contained in the sewing room.

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