Saturday, October 10, 2009

Quilt Show Set Up

The quilt show set up was yesterday. We started just after 3pm and I left after the last quilt was hung up just after 9pm. We might have been out a bit sooner but the last row in the gym had set up with 8' pieces where they should have used 6' and of course they ran out of room! We told them they had to swap out all the quilts on 8' and put them on 6'.
The Bailey Ave. School is now packed with quilts. It is amazing how full it is. Everywhere you turn you are looking at a quilt. I took my camera but the batteries died - hopefully I will get some pictures from other folks taking pictures.
As I will be the one in charge of the set up of the next show in 2011 I have taken copious notes and what things needed to be done and what emergency items we needed - drills, saws, etc...

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