Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

To celebrate it looks like I will be going out and buying a new fridge. The last two days we have noticed the fridge seemed to be getting warmer (the freezer is fine). Damon cleaned all the coils and I found a web site that said to check the connection between the fridge and the freezer (ours was iced over). But even after addressing both issues the fridge doesn't seem to be cooling down any. So I plan on going out and looking for a new fridge later today.

In other exciting and uplifting news the rain continues, and continues, and continues. Yesterday we had 3 downpours and 2 showers. Today (and its only 7:30am so far) we have had 1 shower with more predicted for later. It felt like a real accomplishment on Thursday to rush out and actually get half the lawn mowed before it rained again.

The plants don't seem to mind so far, but blight has been reported in the area and if it stays this wet for much longer we may have some garden loses. In the meantime you can see we are pretty lush and green, if damp.

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