Saturday, June 13, 2009

Highlights from Portland, OR

Started vacation in Portland Oregon during the Rose Festival so of course we needed to visit the International Test Rose Garden. Just about everything was in bloom. There were rows and rows of different varieties and colors. Most were hybrid roses with almost no scent, but every now and again we would come across a heirloom variety with a beautiful scent.
Across the way from the Rose Garden is the Japanese Garden. The garden is located were the old Portland zoo used to be. (The current zoo is just a few minutes away.) Along with including all the traditional elements of a Japanese garden, it includes several recycled items including the old stone steps from the Portland municipal building and several ballast stones from the port.

As is typical in the north west the weather was warm, but cloudy and a bit hazy. Only had a few minutes of light showers in the afternoon, but nothing to cause us to miss these outside attractions.

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