Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Enjoying the Little Things

I am in the middle of working steadily on a few larger quilt projects, but all of them will take a while to get finished. The urge to get something DONE took over and voila! Last weekend I went with the girls up to the Dreamcrafter quilt shop's annual sale and found this cute little (tiny really) pattern for a small fabric wallet.

I used fabric from my scrap box and it took no time at all to make. Although I had to read and re-read the last step in the directions a few times before I sewed it all together.

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Bonnie said...

I have that pattern too! I thought I followed the instructions but when all was done I realized I had done something wrong. Into the trash it went. The pattern was stored in the drawer with my other patterns. It will come out again... actually, it should come out soon so I can it give another go. Yours looks great. You've inspired me!