Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WIPping that Quilting Project into Shape

My guild WIP (Work in Progress) project for this year started as a box of 600 (yes I did count them) 2 1/2 inch half-square triangles that I had pieced at a quilt retreat last spring.

I bought all the fabrics as fat quarters maybe 4 or 5 years ago. I had gotten a gift card to a quilt shop for Christmas and bought fabrics that had patterns but to me read as either black, green, pink or beige. I had already decided I wanted to make a scrappy sort-of-color-coordinated half-square triangle quilt with them.

I have made other half-square triangle quilts, but for this one I used the Thangles method. Considering I made 600 in a weekend, the method was quick and accurate. But I will admit a bit of laziness - I did not trim off the little corner edges, but they all went together just fine for me anyway.

The layout/design was first drafted on graph paper - so I could maximize the number of squares used in this project (I think I only have about 20-some squares left - which I will use somehow on this quilt). I still need to figure out how to finish it - I plan on adding borders - maybe with applique. I may even set it on point.

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