Friday, September 5, 2008

Getting Comfortable

Well the new sofa and chair arrived yesterday. As soon as the delivery guys left I snapped this picture and then promptly covered it all up before letting the dogs out of the kitchen. The sofa is a color called 'green tea' and I believe the chair and the pillows on the sofa are 'ivy'. They even have that wonderful new furniture smell. Yes, we must savor this picture as we will never again see the new furniture again unsullied by dog fur and goobers. We officially have more bedding in the living room covering up furniture than we do up in the bedroom. The sofa and chair are a bit higher than the futon so Boris is unable to plop down on them. But Ivan has had no problems jumping up to try them out. Besides the dogs opinions of the furniture, Damon and I love it - very comfortable.

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