Sunday, August 3, 2008

Oh Look, Its Raining Again.

After a June with only 6 days without rain, and a July that was officially recorded at the 7th rainiest, can't say we are surprised that the first weekend in August is also filled with rain.

Instead of worrying about the garden growing we are now worried about it rotting. While the pumpkin is loving all the rain, the tomatoes are starting to get blight. The peppers seem to be holding their own.

On a brighter note we have a few 'volunteer' sunflowers growing in the ditch out front. Volunteers are what our local gardeners call plants that sprout up on there own (you didn't put out seeds or plant.) So the photo for this week - to battle the gloom of the rain, is one of our little sunflower volunteers. I did put a few sunflower seeds in one of the beds, and while they are now taller than me, they have yet to bloom - once they do I will take a picture and post it.

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