Monday, May 26, 2008

Making Use of a Long Weekend.

Its been a busy weekend.

First, we have a new neighbor - a family of robins. They had been trying to nest on the back porch light about a month ago, but since its a high traffic area and the dogs are right there all the time we figured it wasn't the safest location for raising a family. We have discovered that by attaching some aluminum foil to the top of the light we were able to keep the birds from nesting there. To make up for the eviction, I built a bird house (of sorts) and attached it around the corner on the other side of the porch, away from both the doorway and the dogs. At first I was disappointed because the structure was not adopted by the birds, but they finally came around and this week and built a nest and are currently sitting on eggs. I took this picture from the upstairs window looking down at the back porch.

Other happenings this weekend:
Planted the tomato and pepper plants on Saturday.

On Sunday I joined Cathy, Cheryl, Trudy and Donna and we went up to Montreal for the Québec Provincial Quilt Show. Several friends from the Wadhams Hall Quilt retreats had quilts in the show. A wonderful show, took lots of pictures for inspiration.

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